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Refined Ways to Make Money: Websites for Wealth written by: Muchomba With advancement in technology, it is imperative that everyone embraces it and wisely indulge in some creative activities to generate wealth. It is now possible and practical to make money using simple electronic gadgets we use daily in our day to day activities. These
gadgets, not limited to, range from cell phones, to computers and television sets. Below is a list of a few websites for wealth; websites that comprehensively teach how to make money online using the existing technology:


As its name suggests, it’s a website with detailed explanation on a myriad of things ranging from simple things like “how to draw”, “how to get out of debt”, “how to dance salsa”, “how to make money blogging”, “how to make money through affiliate marketing” and the like. It explains in details with practical examples using figures, texts and pictures to demonstrate how to create wealth.


This website is another website for wealth. It has everything you need to know about wealth, finance and finance management. The writers are skilled and professionals, who candidly inform their readers on various ways to get money, manage money and create wealth. In this website, one learns all about financial literacy, things to do with money wasters, how you can easily get capital to start a business and most importantly how to manage the money.


One secret to having wealth, by discerning how to spend the little you have. For instance, this website informs people on the need to live within their means, how to save the little they have and where to save it. It further goes deeper and educate on how to get money without struggling a lot. Reading their articles, one is informed of places they can get loans without tiring protocols and return with less interest.


This website has information on how to make wealth buying stocks. It teaches all the terminology used in stocks and their meaning. Things like financial statement analysis, capital ratios, dividends and financial ratios to mention but a few. This website is quite
resourceful for people with idle money and interested in making extra cash without much hustle.


Forbes is another website for wealth, a part from featuring the richest people in the world; it explains how these people made their money. In addition, it has a number of articles that acts as eye opener to people who think they ran out of ideas. Simple yet valuable pieces of advices can also be found in this website.


As stated earlier in this post, with simple electronic gadgets, people are now making money regardless of where they are. Huffingtonpost exclusively describes ways one can make money without leaving the comfort of their homes. This website is ideal for people who are
jobless or have free time and are interested in transforming their free time into something more valuable; wealth.


Problogger has rich information on subject matter blogging. It teaches from the start how to start a blog, why and what to write and do with your blog. It gives techniques you can use to drive a lot of traffic to your blog and gives you tips on how to transform the traffic into wealth. It deeply discusses methods you can use to make money using you blogs.

These are not the only websites with information on how to make money and wealth, others can easily be found online. All you need to do is type in your search engine tab the keyword of the subject you are interested in and voila, you will have all list of website to choose from.

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